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Жидкостные ракетные двигатели

1. Effects of the Gravity on Boiling of the Cooling Agents for the Space Power Systems. 11-th ISSTS. Tokyo. 1975.

2. Investigation of Propellant Boil-off Process from Mains of Liquid-Fuel Rocket after off-Command. 11-th ISSTS.Tokyo. 1975.

3. Non-Stationary Heat Behaviour of Liquid Propellant Rocket Engine. 30th IAC-IAF. Munich.1979. (Serebryansky)

4. Convective Heat Exchenge Regimes with Turbulent Ethanol Flow of Supercritical Pressure. Intern. Symp. on Supercritical Fluids. Nice. France. 1988. (Petrov, Khomenya).

5. Soot Nucleation and formation of soot clusters in Flames. 3th Int. Sem. of Flame Structure. Alma Ata. 1989. (Taran et al.)

6. Heat Exchange on the Vibrating Heat Source. 17-th ISSTS. Tokyo. 1990 (Serebrynsky et al.)

7. Modelling of the Filling and Cooling Processes of Hot Fuel Mains in Liquid Fuel Rocket Engine. 18th ISSTS. Kagoshima. Japan. 1992.(Serebryansky V.N. et al.).

8. Study Solid Rocket Motor with Water Injection for Emergency Rescue System. The Word Space Congr. Washington. USA. 1992. (Fomin et al.)

9. Mixing and Cooling of Cryogenic fuel in Liquid Fuell Rocket Engine Tanks. 9-th World Hydrogen Energy Conf. Paris. 1992.

10. Mathematical Modelling of Faileures in Liquid Propellant Rocket Engine. 44th IAC. Graz. Austria. 1993. (Serebryansky V.N. et al.)

11. Modelling of Self-Pressurization Process in Criogenic Fuel Tank. 19th ISSTS. Yokohama. Japan. 1994. (Serebryansky V.N. et al.)<

12. Interaction of the Space Rocket Engine Jet with Atmosphere. 19th ISSTS. Yokohama. Japan. 1994. (Fomin et al.)

13. Modelling of Fuel Mains Hat Filling of Oxigen-Hydrogen LPRE. 10-th World Hydrogen Energy Conf. Cocoa Beach, Florida, USA. 1994. (Serebryansky V.N. et al.)

14. Internal Chasracteristics of Boiling Process of Liquids Supercold Relatively toTemperature of Saturation. 10th Intern. Heat transfer Conf. Brighton, England. 1994. (Serebryansky V.N.)

15. Research on Influence of Axid Backlash on Free Blade Edges of a Opened Centrifucal wheel on Parameters of a Pump. 4th Ukr.-Russ.-Chin. Symp. on Space Science and Technology. Kiev. 1996.(Gorbenko et al.)

16. Analysis of Break –down Outcomes of LPRE Function and Methodes of their Causes Determination. 47th IAC. Beijing, Chine. 1996. (Serebryansky et al.)

17. On the new approchе to the definition of superheat at cavitation. Third Intern. Symp. on Cavitation. Grenoble. France. 1998.

18. Soot Partial Formation in Flames. 21st ISSTS. Omiya. Japan.(Taran)

19. Featurs of Polytropy-Pressurization Process in a Hydrogen Fuel Tank. 49th IAC. Melbourne. Australia. 1998. (Zolotjko)

20. Cost Performance Evaluation of Rocket Propulsion. Third IAA Symposium on Realistic Near-Term Advanced Scientific Missions. Aosta. Italy. 2000.

21. Optimal Relationship Specific Impulse of Rocket Propulsion and Cost Paylad. 51st IAC. Rio de Janeiro. 2000.

22. Mathematical Modeling of Thermal-Hydraulic Characteristics of Boiling Process in Tank for Hydrogen Storage. International Symposium HYPOTHESIS IV. Stralsund. Germany. 2001. (Prisniakov K.)

23. Model of Advance of Rocket Engines. 52nd IAC. Toulouse. France. 2001. (Nedaivoda)

24. About Transportation of Hydrogen. 1st European Hydrogen Energy Conference. Grenoble, France. 2003 (Prisniakov K.)

25. Combustion and Gasification as Catastrophe. The First International Exergy, Energy and Environment Symposium IEEES-1. Izmir. Turkey. 2003.(V. Luzenko et al.)

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