Осло, 1995 г. Диплом действительного члена Международной Академии Астрономии, вручает Президент Академии Дж.Мюллер(США)-руководитель программы "Apollo".


I was born in 18 June 1937 year at Verchovzevo Dnipropetrovsk region, Ukraine into the family of the railwayman. In 1955 I had graduated from school in Verchovzevo with gold medal and had entered Physics and technology faculty of Dniproprtrovsk State University (DSU). I graduated from the DSU (department rocket engines) with honours diploma in 1960 and I has been working as assistant lecturer, senior lecturer and professor.

During 1962-1963 (9 months) I was taking my post-graduate course at the DSU. In 1963 I defended a candidate thesis ahead of schedule (DSU, the subject "Shut-down of Liquid Propulsion"). I obtained my doctor's degree in 1973 (Military Institute of Mojaisky, Leningrad, the subject " Dynamics of Heat Processes with phase change of working medium in rocket-nuclear systems").
In 1967-68 had probation in University of Grenoble, France (research supervisor Nobel prize Laureate L. Neel).

I has been professor since 1974 and academician of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine since 1990.

I has been an academician-organizer of the Academy of Pedagogical Science of Ukraine.

I has been a Member of the International Academy of Astronautics (Paris) since 1995, since 1997 I am fellow of IAA board of trustees.

I has been vice-rector of DSU in 1972-77, and president of DSU in 1986-1998.

As the rector of Dnipropetrovsk State University, I was the first from Ukraine who joined in founding of Magna Charta of the Universities in 1996 in Bologna.

In 1998 I has been expelled from a post of the rector of DSU under article "Absence during work" with more than 50 infringements of the law as revenge for uncompromising struggle against corruption, as the enemy of a Kuchma's regime. Case is in the European court in Strasbourg now. During 7 years I am unemployed.

At the same time I has organized the department of high temperature heat technology in Institute Geotechnical Mechanics of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine and I am research supervisor of this department (since 1986) (without salary).

In 1988 I has organized the design bureau "Photon" in DSU and Power Institute with my research supervisor.

Since 1988 I has been of member of the IAF power Committee (Vice-chairman 1997 - 2001), since 1990 I has been of member of the IAF Propulsion Committee ( Co-Chairman 1998 -2002).

All my life is throw in lot with physical and technical faculty of DSU which was opened in 1952 that actually is a college preparing specialists meeting the whole spectrum of the requirements set by rocket and space technology. Nowadays the majority of specialists in Ukraine (designers, technologists, administrators, scientists) are the DSU graduates. General and chief designers of the design bureau, directors of the rocket production works in Russia (Moscow, Kaliningrad, Samara, Obninsk, Miass, Krasnoyarsk) are also the DSU graduates. I has been delivering lectures at the University for 40 years, I has united a numerous team of young scientists successfully solving important problems:53 my followers defended candidate these, 7 have become professors, Ph. Ds.,and one of them has become a Corresponding member of the IAA.

I has been the Head of the Space Propulsion Department at of DSU for 30 years. In this period the department had prepared 4000 engineers for space industry. Many graduates of this department fill important administrative and academic and pedagogical posts in the branches closely connected with space research and astronautics.

I was at the head of a scientific council of DSU which had prepared a few hundreds candidates and doctors for rocket -space activity.

The my scientific activity (40 years) had been devote to investigations of
Dynamics of the Liquid Propulsion;
Dynamics of the Solid Rocket Motors;
Non-stationary Processes in Electric Thrusters;
Dynamics of the Thermal Processes with Phase Transitions of the working medium in Space Power Projects;
Mathematical Modeling of Psychological Processes, specifically for Space Life? For influence of Microgravity;
Economics of Space flights;
Space Power Projects.

A great complex of my works on engines dynamics (beginning with the first in the world's scientific literature monograph "Liquid Rocket Engines Dynamics", Moscow, Mashgiz, 1969 and up to the latest generalizing works " Dynamics of Liquid Rocket Plant and Feeding Systems", Moscow, Mashgiz, 1983; "Dynamics of Solid Rocket Engines", Moscow, Mashgiz, 1984) greatly promoted the rise of the science itself and of the special university course named "Aircraft dynamics", particularly in the field of solving non-stationary problems connected with the investigation of phase transformations processes of rocket and space systems working medium. The most important results of my research in the field of the dynamics of the space propulsion have been included into the curricula for students and post-graduates.

Under my immediate leadership the modern and scientific base on study of processes taking place in plasma and ion engines and in power plants have been created. This base or research center, is generally recognized and is being used by students, post-graduates, probationers, research workers in their scientific value. Under my leadership and my participation a new scientific branch on suppression of instability in electric and rocket propulsion has been created and a new perspective type of the EP - a rocket propulsion with external field - has been made. On the basis of the research laboratory I was established the design department "Photon" that is working out space power systems.

I am the permanent participant of the International Astronautical Congresses (since 1987), International Heat Transfer Congresses, International Symposium on Space Technology and Science, International Psychological Congresses where he delivers scientific reports and lectures (more 200).

In 1982 I received the " Honored Scientist of Ukraine" title for success in science and for the preparation of specialists. In 1987 I was awarded the Academician Yangel M. K. Medal for my personal valuable contribution to the creation of new patterns of technologies; in 1988 I was awarded the Uu. A. Gagarin medal. In 1997 I was awarded the medal of F. Malina International Astronautical Federation (IAF) for " Outstanding Contribution to Space Education". In 2002 I was awarded the medal of Assosiation of Astronautical and Aeronautique of France (AAAF) "In recognition of the High Quality of Contribution to the Propulsion Community".

Recent my scientific trends are toward increased study of prediction of development rocket- space propulsion in next century, with the working out the highly efficient power - generating plant, with the use the vibration for intensification the processes of heat and mass transfer specifically, with creation theoretical base of non-stationary macroeconomics and model of space market, with elaboration mathematical models of human activity and psychological processes in memory.

I am married. My wife is specialist of psychology, professor of psychology, Full member of International Academy of Human Problem in Aviation and Astronautics and academician of the International Academy of information Technologies.

My son is the engineer of space propulsion, Ph. D. in information technologies (heat and mass transfer), corr.-member of IAIT.

My hobby is fencing. I am Master of Sport USSR and France.

I am the twin according to a horoscope.


Introduction to Rocket Propulsion
Dynamics of Liquid Propellant Rocket Motors
Dynamics of Solid Propellant Rocket Motors
Theory of Rocket Propulsion
Heat and Mass Transfer
Perspective Rocket Propulsions
Mathematical Models in Psychology
Non-Stationary Macroeconomics


Ukrainian (native speaker), Russian (fluent), English (fluent), French (basic)


Topic of research activities:
Space Power Projects. Dynamics of the Liquid Propulsion, of the Solid Rocket Motors, of the Electric Thrusters. Dynamics of the Thermal Processes with Phase Transitions of the working medium in Space Power Systems.
Mathematical Modeling of Psychological Processes
Mathematical Modeling of Non-stationary Macroeconomics.


7 Doctor of science and 46 Candidate of science.


Total about 700 published works:
45 monographs and manuals, 16 books (as Editor), more 550 scientific papers (more 200 English and French); 62 the invention certificates. 200 papers for International congresses.



Current Position:

since 1998- present - unemployed after repressions of Kuchma’s regime.
Head of department, Institute Geotechnical Mechanics of National Academy of Science of Ukraine(without salary).

I follows a principle for all life:
"When the person ceases to study, he enters in time of an old age"

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